21-Day Breast Cancer Healthy Lifestyle Program

May 29 – June 18, 2019

Join me on an experiential learning path.

It’s not just education. It’s liberation.

Does choosing the “best” breast cancer diet, nutrition, fitness and wellness practices leave you. . .





My program will build your confidence in making sound, health-supportive choices so that you can feel your best on any given day.

What’s Included. . .
  • 3, 60-minute LIVE weekly tutorials
    • Can’t make the LIVE tutorial? Not to worry, replay is included. Listen at your convenience.
  • PRIVATE Facebook group
    • Connect with other participants and ME! Share your wins from the concepts you learn, get daily inspiration/motivation/tips, and I’ll pop in with surprises to keep you moving forward.

Here’s what I’ll cover each week:

  • Week 1 Tutorial: Nutrition (FORK)
    • Foundation of a plant-based diet
    • Origin of your food choices
    • Resilience
    • Kitchen wisdom

There’s great comfort and peace of mind in knowing you’re an active participant in your overall health and healing.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Take charge of what you eat by using knowledge to fill your fridge, grocery cart, and pantry.
    • No more guessing!
  2. Identify ingredients in the foods you choose.
    • Food labels will become your new best friend. You’ll confidently select the most beneficial foods for your body.
  3. Understand how building a resilient physical environment can help reduce your recurrence risk.
    • Natural compounds in foods can alter your body’s environment to support your immune system, healing, and energy.
  4. Pull balanced, nutritious snacks and meals together.
    • Did I mention you’ll learn to do this QUICKLY? You’re welcome. 


  • Week 2 Tutorial: Fitness (FITT)
    • Frequency
    • Intensity
    • Time
    • Type

Let’s face it. Not everyone enjoys exercising. But we all know it builds stamina, strength, resilience. So let’s get to it.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Find the right frequency of exercise that supports your overall health, and is actually DOABLE for your lifestyle.
    • The number of days per week you exercise DOES matter. You’ll learn what that looks like, and how to make it happen.
  2. How the intensity of your workout impacts recurrence risk.
    • You don’t have to go balls-to-the-wall at every workout. I’ll teach you how to modify for your own physical ability and fitness level.
  3. Find the time to actually get that workout in.
    • In my opinion, fitness is non-negotiable. I’ll teach you how to protect your workout time at all costs.
  4. Identify the right exercises for YOU. Manage stress, feel stronger, and actually enjoy moving your body.
    • Not a runner? Don’t run. Hate to swim? Then don’t. I’ll help you find the right fitness “fit”.


  • Week 3 Tutorial: Wellness (BEST)
    • Barriers to self-care practices
    • Engagement
    • Self-sabotage
    • Triggers
We all do things that prevent us from taking the very best care of ourselves. Want to do things differently?
You’ll learn how to:
  1. Identify and overcome the blocks you expertly put up en route to YOU caring for YOU.
    • Come on. You KNOW what gets in your way, but you don’t know how to change the pattern. Until now.
  2. Enlist the right-for-you motivation, mind-set and self-talk that supports MOMENTUM.
    • You need your OWN approach to practicing self-care, not one-size-fits-all recommendations. I’ll get you there.
  3. Stop the behaviors that keep you stuck in your same old patterns.
    • I know. You’ve heard this before. But what have you actually DONE about it? Let’s take action together, shall we?
  4. Identify the circumstances, language and other humans that throw you off the self-care track.
    • You know that you can’t control the world or other people, right? Ah, but you can control how you respond. Let’s do it!
Every participant in the program receives the following:
  • Breast Cancer Nutrition 101 program
    • 90-minute audio program | Workbook | Collection of 10 Plant-based Recipes
  • 45-minute LIVE Group Q & A Call With Me.
    • Two weeks post-program. Confirm what’s working. Adjust/tweak where you need it.
  • Assessment Questionnaire
    • Share questions and concerns for a program tailored even more closely to your needs.



 ** Be one of the FIRST FIVE registrants and receive a BONUS 45-minute PRIVATE lifestyle coaching call with me! **



There are two ways to join the program. You can participate as part of the group, working on your own with my group-focused instruction to guide you. If you want more individualized guidance, you can add individualized coaching with me. See below!

1. This is the group program only. There’s energy in collective learning, and a lasting synergy in applying the concepts you’ll learn from me and others in the group.  

2. This is the group program PLUS individualized work with me.  This is for you if you want to tailor what you learn even more closely to your specific needs. Work with me privately for three 1:1 sessions (in ADDITION to the 21-day program). Get customized solutions to the health challenges you struggle with over and over.


OPTION I. 21-Day Breast Cancer Healthy Lifestyle Program ONLY

$399 – click below 

*** Installment Payment Plan – 3 Monthly Payments of $152.95


 OPTION II. 21-Day Breast Cancer Healthy Lifestyle Program + Three, 1:1 Private Lifestyle Coaching Calls w/ME!

$899.00 – click below

*** Installment Payment Plan – 3 Monthly Payments of $344.62


I’m so confident you’ll love my program, that I offer a money back promise. 

Here’s how it works.

Join the program, show up for the live trainings (or audio replay!), complete your handouts and homework.

If by June 7, you’re not feeling inspired and empowered to make healthier, more confident choices?

I’ll refund your entire purchase.