Bite Back

Make no mistake about it, nutrition has a powerful impact along the breast cancer continuum…

This is where “DAM. MAD.” steps up. While I can’t always provide a black and white answer, you will find current, credible, evidence-based information on the nuances of breast cancer nutrition.

Here are a few examples of topics you will find here on the BITE BACK blog:

  • Serving sizes
  • Frequency of intake
  • Cooking methods
  • Individuality of gut microbiota
  • Gene expression and individual nutrients
  • Food and drug interactions
  • “Just tell me what to eat!”

Unusual But Achievable Party Habits

For a month that generally boasts the fewest days of the year, February is a big shot. Host to two widely celebrated events that nudge their way into public consciousness (and store shelves) in late December, February offers plenty of opportunity for hoopla. While...

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Breast Cancer Survivorship Lifestyle Guidelines – Part II – Healthy Weight and Physical Activity

These studies indicate that lifestyle interventions, especially exercise, are achievable in cancer survivors, yet many questions remain unanswered, such as: 1. Does weight loss/increased physical activity AFTER cancer diagnosis reduce risk of recurrence and mortality?...

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Gear Up for Breast Cancer Treatment:

 A Nutrition and Fitness Jumpstart WORKSHEET.

Food, Fitness and Lifestyle Tips You need to know NOW!