Bite Back

Make no mistake about it, nutrition is powerful. . . 

This is where you’ll find current, credible, evidence-based information on the nuances of breast cancer nutrition.

A few ways that nutrition can help:

  • May reduce risk of recurrence or progression.
  • Helps body stay strong to withstand treatment.
  • Supports healty immune system.
  • Improves mood and energy.

A few examples of nutrition topics you’ll find here on the BITE BACK blog:

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Nutrition’s impact on reducing risk of recurrence
  • Diet and nutrition survivorship guidelines.
  • “Targeted” nutrition. 
  • Sugar and breast cancer. 

Stop Believing In Miracle Nutrition

Three weeks have passed since I attended that magnificent 2018 spring oncology nutrition symposium. I’m still giddy over the massive amount of nutrition science and research takeaways I gained. The information I learned at that event supports my mission to serve as a...

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Gear Up for Breast Cancer Treatment:

 A Nutrition and Fitness Jumpstart WORKSHEET.

Food, Fitness and Lifestyle Tips You need to know NOW!